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Welcome to Pacific Permaculture

If you have found your way to Pacific Permaculture we are pretty sure you are an environmentally conscious person, an act local think global kind of person. Your environmental and social sensibilities are much more than talk. They are a defining feature of your life style: you buy organic or local whenever possible, given the choice between walking or driving you always choose walking, you killed your TV long long ago, you are a chronic label reader at the grocery store, and you really can't figure out how disposable plastic bags are in anyway shape or form a good idea.

You want to take your actions to the next level. You want to do more than just minimizing the bad. You are the proactive kind of person who wants to create more good.

That is fantastic because so are we!

Which is why after using the same method of course delivery for the last 8 years we are changing things up a bit and moving significant aspects of our education opportunities to an online platform. This gives you, the budding permaculturalist more options to choose from. Rather than jumping in to permaculture head first we have designed things so that you can get started with a little dip of your pinky toe.

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